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Pudding - To My Nervous System With Love

by Ronit Bergman

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Model Head 03:30
Almost Alive 06:28


Sandalgaze, Shoegaze, Neo-Psychedelia (Macedonia)

Following an incident during 2021 I needed to deep-dive into some events which took place when I was a child and had haunted me since…I had to do it alone…it became To My Nervous System With Love... a onetime solo album release
Written played & recorded by Ronit Bergman
Produced & mixed by Ronit Bergman with Darko Janevski
Cover ~ original illustration A Floral Fantasy of Animals and Birds (Waq-Waq) early 1600s, India, Mughal
Graphic Design ~ Andrej Marjanovic
Mastered by Carim Clasmann @ Fish Tank Studio

Dedicated for the listeners with love and respect ! <3 !

Special thanks to Dr. Zhu, to Jasmina and Andrej Marjanovic to my husband Darko, to my many music brothers who in one way or another encouraged and inspire me and to the Radio! loads of wonderful shows... the Radio, with old school grace into the future... taking the changes easy, transforming effortlessly.. continuing to transport the music on the waves...and that's wonderful
these days were difficult... some amazing people have died... a war broke.. i am still able to publish new music and am carrying it out.. with deep feelings and thoughts for the ones who can not. I go ahead releasing in such days, not waiting for better ones…as the vibe of the album, although it comes from intense innerview, matches the events of the recent…
Ronit Bergman (Pudding)

"...רונית ברגמן הוציאה את אלבום חייה. מבלי לאבד מהחספוס המקורי שאפיין את פלסטיק ונוס, ומבלי לותר על ההרפתקנות שמאפיינת את להקתה הנוכחית אנדן היא הוציאה אלבום אישי, חשוף, סודק לב, נגיש ביותר ועוצמתי ביותר..." קוואמי
~ Quami ~ "...Ronit Bergman released the album of her life. Without losing the original roughness that characterized Plastic Venus, and without sacrificing the adventurous that characterizes her current band Undone, she released a personal, exposed, heart cracking, highly accessible and extremely powerful album..."
“…marvellous, extremely original, creative and interesting beautiful piece of music…all the songs and music are connected, which is a great thing. the vocal is superb showing strength as well as innocence. The melodies of the songs are beautiful…My favourite songs is "It's not my fault" it reminds me of Velvet Underground in 2022…” ~ Dave Maclean of The Chemistry Set
"...תקשיבו תקשיבו לחדש של רונית ברגמן ששונה מאוד מהנויז של פלסטיק ונוס, ומהדרים פופ המסוגנן שהתרגלנו לקבל מאנדן. הוא גולמי ויצרי ומינימליסטי ופוגע בלב ומתנחל שם..." אחיעד לוק
~ Ahiad Lock ~ "... Listen, listen to Ronit Bergman's new album which is very different from the noise of Plastic Venus, and the stylish dream pop we got used to receiving from Undone. It is raw and passionate and minimalist and hits the heart and settles there ..."
--- zerockradio.com
"...To My Nervous System With Love is a beautiful, confronting and hopeful solo offering from the mystic poet and truth seeker, that is Ronit Bergman. This release differs from the (also amazing) works of the Undone collective in that it is the centrepiece in a process of reconciliation. I have been mesmerised by the combination of poignant lyrics (I saw my life beside me…through the sacred veil…), deconstructed rhythms that blend into something almost mantralising. This is a magnificent release that stands alone from and alongside with Undone. Highly recommend that you immerse yourself in To My Nervous System With Love! ☮️ <3..." ~ Terry Jones


released May 7, 2022

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